Workout Sessions and Training in Virginia


Personalized Training Services

BEyondFITness offers personalized training in Virginia. We’re committed to improving your health and enhancing the quality of your life through fitness. Our mission is to develop an individual program just for you. We are one of Arlington's most respected personal training studio.

BEyond FITness

Exercise Program

Nothing is more important than good health. So why aren't you working out? Probably because you are checking our site right now. Your exercise program will help you understand your fitness goals and objectives by incorporating strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility training, and proper nutrition. 

BEyond FITness

Who Can Benefit from Personal Training

  • People in need of motivation
  • Those in need of focused attention
  • People wanting to add variety to their routine
  • Athletes looking for sport specific coaching and training
  • Individuals who have reached a plateau
  • People with physical limitations, injuries or health problems
  • People who are uncomfortable working out in a large public facility 


“With great patience and small steps, Gina makes miracles. I first came to her when I wanted to build strength ahead of hip replacement surgery. Now, three years later, I am taking horseback riding lessons! Beyond the weights and the leg lifts, the MAT (muscle activation technique) that she practices has engaged muscles I haven’t used in years. Amazing!”


~ Kitty

“As a 48 year old woman weight training with Gina has made a huge difference in my life! Working out at Beyond FITness helped transform my body and my spirit. I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and become stronger physically and mentally. Even though I had never lifted weights before, she taught me the proper way to exercise safely and encouraged me to try things I never thought I could – like entering a bench press competition or doing pull ups. Gina isn’t a drill sergeant-style trainer. Her approach is encouraging and positive. No matter your goal, completing your first triathlon, improving balance to avoid falls or losing 20 pounds – Gina is an amazing partner who will help you achieve it.”

~ Nancy